Sets of Scaffolding

Our scaffolding is often sold by the set. Our scaffolding sets include four clips. Often, it is less expensive to buy scaffolding by the set than it is to buy each piece individually. Purchasing by the set also makes it a little easier to calculate how much you are going to need on your project.

Every type of scaffolding frame we carry can be purchased by the set. By default, each set comes with 7′ cross braces. You have the option to upgrade to 10′ cross braces if you want more spacing between your scaffold frames.

We sell Safeway scaffold, Waco scaffold, and Bil-Jax scaffold style matches. This means that our scaffolding will likely integrate with the scaffolding you are currently using. Within these different styles, we carry walk-thru scaffolding, which is used to create a long work platform spanning multiple sets of frames, and ladder scaffolding, which is often used in scaffold towers or when the standing platform and work platform needs to be at different elevations.


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