Fiberglass Ladders

Louisville Ladder fiberglass ladders are a safe and versatile choice for a variety of household and commercial tasks. They are made of non-conductive fiberglass, which makes them safe to use around electrical lines and other hazards. Fiberglass is also more durable than aluminum, making it less likely to bend or break.

Louisville Ladder fiberglass ladders come in both step and extension styles and various sizes, from 3 feet to 40 feet. They all have a load capacity of 300 pounds plus, so they are suitable for most adults. The ladders also have a number of safety features, including a slip-resistant top, inside spreader braces, and wide back braces.

Some of the features of Louisville Ladder fiberglass ladders include:

  • Non-conductive fiberglass construction for safety around electrical lines
  • Durable and weather-resistant construction
  • Slip-resistant top with multiple tool slots
  • New Raptor boots with non-marring bonded tread
  • Inside spreader braces for added stability
  • Wide back braces for comfort and support
  • Double-rivet step construction for strength and durability

Louisville Ladder fiberglass ladders are a great choice for anyone who needs a safe and versatile ladder for household or commercial use.


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