Veneer Jack Scaffolding


Veneer Jack Scaffolding


Set of Veneer Jacks. Each set includes a frame, two legs and two pigtail pins.

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Veneer Jack Scaffolding – Masonry Scaffolding

Veneer jack scaffolding is great for residential masonry projects and any other project where 9′ or less reach is needed and quick and easy assembly is a priority. Adjustable legs. We sell our veneer jacks by the set and also by the individual part.

Each set contains the following items:

1 USA-470 Veneer Jack Frame

2 USA-471 Veneer Jack Legs

2 USA-114 Pig Tail Pins

Veneer Jack Specifications

High-grade Q-235 steel

Blue Powder Coat Finish

Adjustable legs

Platform adjustable from 22″ to 49″

Additional information

Weight 35.31 lbs
Dimensions 78 × 72 × 2 in


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