7′ Stationary Scaffold Stair Tower Kit


7′ Stationary Scaffold Stair Tower Kit


Our 7ft Stationary Scaffold Stair Tower Kit provides a stable working platform with a high weight capacity. This tower provides you with 35 sq. ft. of working space, is easy to assemble, and has stairs for easy access to the top and a guardrail set for extra safety.


Weight: 473.78 Lbs


7ft Stationary Scaffold Stair Tower Kit

The 7ft stationary stair tower has all the components you need to build a OSHA compliant scaffold platform 7ft high with stairs that makes access to the top a breeze. Please note, this 7ft height is where your feet will be at, the guardrail components will be higher. This tower is made from 5’x6’4″ Safeway style walk-thru scaffold frames. The 3 solid steel planks create a 5′ X 7′ solid work platform for you to stand and work on. These planks lock into the scaffolding frames for extra safety.

7ft Stationary Scaffold Stair Tower Kit Includes:

2 USA-610B  5′ X 6’4″ s-style walk-thru scaffold frames

4 USA-104  coupling pins

4 USA-113  spring clips

2 USA-303  7′ X 4′ cross braces

6 USA-112  toggle pins

1  USA-920B  7′ s-style internal scaffold stair unit

4 USA-134  24″ screw jack w/fixed base plates

USA-917B   7″ top rail for internal stair unit

1 USA-919B  scaffold stair starter bar

USA-530BF  42″ guardrail posts

6 USA-502  5′ guardrails

4 USA-503  7′ guardrails

3 USA-SP-07  7 ‘ steel planks

Total Product Weight: 473.78 Lbs

Made of High Quality Steel

At USA Scaffolding, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality product at the lowest possible price. The scaffold frames are heavy-duty and made with high-carbon steel so that they do not easily bend if dropped or if something runs into them. We also make our scaffold frames from virgin steel and not recycled steel like some of our low cost competitors do. Our scaffolding is designed to hold up on commercial projects, withstand large weight loads and last over the course of many jobs.

Stay Safe! Please refer to OSHA guidelines when erecting and using any construction scaffolding products. You can find general scaffolding safety requirements at https://www.osha.gov/etools/scaffolding/supported/frame

Additional information

Weight 473.78 lbs
Dimensions 120 × 84 × 36 in
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