Tube Guard Rail for Scaffolding


Tube Guard Rail for Scaffolding


Make your scaffolding safe and OSHA compliant with our tubular steel guardrails.
Available in 42in, 3ft, 5ft, 7ft and 10ft sizes.


Guard Rail for Scaffolding

Galvanized guard rail for scaffolding. Made from tubular steel. Available in various sizes from 3′ to 10′. These guardrails fit Safeway-style, Waco-style, and Bil Jax-style scaffolding frames and any other frame that uses a drop lock, flip lock, v-lock or candy-cane lock system. OSHA requires an upper guardrail and lower guardrail to be used when working above 6′. When cross braces are present, they will suffice as the upper guardrail per OSHA, you will only need to add a lower guard rail. We always know when OSHA is making their rounds because we will have a rush of customers buying guardrails. Non-compliant guardrails are one of the most common OSHA violations. Make sure your project is OSHA compliant.

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