24″ Screw Jack (Leveling Jack) w/ Fixed Base Plate


24″ Screw Jack (Leveling Jack) w/ Fixed Base Plate


1-3/8″X24″ Screw Jack (Leveling Jack) with Fixed Base Plate for Blue, Red or Yellow Scaffolding


24″ Screw Jack (Leveling Jack) for Scaffold Frames with Fixed Base Plate

This screw jack used a base for scaffolding frames. The jacks fit on the inside of each frame leg allowing the height to be adjusted on each frame leg to account for uneven ground below the scaffolding. This particular screw jack fits every style of frame we carry (Safeway, Waco, and Bil-Jax).

Screw Jack Specifications:

Solid Steel (not hollow on inside)

Zinc coated for rust resistance

Adjustable up to 24″

Can carry over 10,ooo lbs

See also our Base Plates 

Additional information

Weight 11.51 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 5.5 × 7 in


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