3’X6’8″ Snap-On Walk-Thru Frame Set


3’X6’8″ Snap-On Walk-Thru Frame Set


3ft X 6ft 8in Snap-On Scaffolding Set

Snap-On Scaffolding is commonly used by stucco contractors, as well as brick and stone masons. This scaffolding is unique compared to the other types of scaffolding we sell (Safeway, Waco, and Bil-Jax) in that the locking mechanism is on the cross braces, which lock onto pins on the scaffolding frame. Our snap-on scaffolding sets come with 10′ cross braces

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Set of Snap-On Walk-Thru Scaffolding Frames

This set comes with two 3’X6’8″ frames, two 10′ cross braces and the coupling pins. Snap-On Scaffolding is popular with masonry and stucco contractors and is predominately used in the western United States. With this type of scaffolding the cross braces have latching mechanisms that attache to pins on the frames.

Each Scaffolding Set Includes:

  • 2 – Snap-On Scaffold Frames 3′ X 6’8″  (Walk Thru)
  • 2 – Snap-On Cross Braces (10′)
  • 4 – Snap-On Scaffold Pins

Snap-On Specifications

  • Width: 3′
  • Height: 6’8″
  • Cross Brace Size: 10′
  • Scaffold Pin Position: 90 degrees

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Additional information

Weight 94 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 36 × 80 in