Scaffold Planks for Sale at USA Scaffolding


Scaffold Planks for Sale at USA Scaffolding


Scaffold Planks Size Options

OSHA-80.5 – 80.5in x 9.25in x 1.5in – Weight: 27lbs

OSHA-8 – 8ft x 9.25in x 1.5in – Weight: 30lbs

OSHA-9 – 9ft x 9.25in x 1.5in – Weight: 34lbs

OSHA-12 – 12ft x 9.25in x 1.5in – Weight: 45lbs

OSHA-16 – 16ft x 9.25in x 1.5in – Weight: 64lbs





Scaffold Planks for Sale

Scaffold planks or scaffold boards are a very important component to your scaffolding system. They must be strong enough to support your crew, equipment and materials. They must be the correct size to fit the span between your frames.

Please note: the minimum purchase quantity is 10 boards. These boards are considered overlength for shipping purposes which makes shipping expensive for small orders. 

OSHA Scaffold Plank Requirements

You can’t just buy some boards from the lumber yard and expect them be OSHA compliant. OSHA has strict requirements on how much the boards can deflect under a load. We have taken the guesswork out for you.

Our scaffold planks are made from high-grade yellow pine and are tested by an independent agency. The independent agency makes sure the scaffold planks meet or exceed OSHA’s deflection standards under medium duty (50 lbs./sq. ft.) conditions. Approved boards are then stamped to show they comply.

What Length Should Your Scaffold Planks Be?

The 16ft scaffold plank will cover two 7ft spans, therefore can be used whenever a long work platform is needed. The extra length ensures these boards stay in place better and allow you to construct the work platform faster.

The 12ft scaffold boards are used to cover a single 10ft span and provides a foot of lap on each side.

The 9ft and 8ft scaffold boards cover a single 7ft span. The only difference is how much lap you feel comfortable with on your work platform. OSHA requires 6 inches but many contractors opt for 12 inches.

The 80.5in scaffold boards are a special cut designed for use with Non-Stop Scaffolding.

Other Types of Boards, Planks and Decking

In addition to wood scaffold boards, we carry other types of boards, planks and decking. These have hooks on each end so they fit on the scaffold frames and don’t move. Some will even lock onto the frames. We have solid aluminum scaffold boards, aluminum boards with a plywood deck, and steel boards.

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16', 12', 9', 8', 80.5"


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