Pin-Lok Scaffold Plank


Pin-Lok Scaffold Plank


Pin-Lok Scaffold Planks

Available in 4 sizes:

8ft x 10in – Weight: 30 Lbs

9ft x 10in – Weight: 34 Lbs

12ft x 10in – Weight: 47 Lbs

16ft x 10in – Weight: 64 Lbs


Pin-Lok Scaffold Plank (OSHA Plank) for Sale

This Pin-Lok Scaffold Plank consists of three thinner planks pinned together down the length of the board. The result is a 10″x 2″ board that has a higher load capacity that is less likely to warp. In addition, these boards are safer, if any one of the three pinned planks experience a failure, damage or split, the other two boards are still there to provide support. This reduces the likelihood of an accident. Just like our standard scaffold boards, this plank is OSHA tested, stamped, and approved. We carry several different lengths depending on your needs.

Stay Safe! Please refer to OSHA guidelines when erecting and using any construction scaffolding products. You can find general scaffolding safety requirements at



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16 Foot, 12 Foot, 9 Foot, 8 Foot