Aluminum Board for Scaffolding


Aluminum Board for Scaffolding


Stop throwing away your wooden boards. These aluminum planks/ aluminum decking are great for almost any scaffolding application. They are lighter, stronger, more durable, and safer than wood. You can quickly assemble these planks and easily transport them. All aluminum means no rust, they will last for a long time and even have replaceable hooks.


Aluminum Board for Scaffolding

This aluminum board, plank or deck is perfect for anyone needing a stable and strong scaffold platform. It is constructed to hold 75 lbs per square foot, and qualifies for heavy duty applications by OSHA standards. Our aluminum plank is strong because it is reinforced on the bottom side. The top side contains grooves which remove standing water and ensure you have good traction. This plank’s super-light weight allows for easy assembly and transport. Since the planks are made from aluminum, they will not rust and will last far longer than wooden walkboards.

Aluminum Board Specifications:

5′, 7′ or 10′ long

19″ wide – three planks will fit across a 5′ platform

heavy-duty – rated for 75 lbs/square ft.

replaceable hooks

locking mechanism will keep plank on scaffolding

See also our aluminum/plywood boards. They consist of an aluminum frame and plywood insert deck.

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