Scaffolding For Sale

Walk-Thru Scaffolding for Sale | Buy scaffolding and accessories at USA Scaffolding

Scaffolding For Sale

At USA Scaffolding, we carry scaffolding, boards and accessories of all types and sizes. You will find exactly what you need on our site to the the job done right and efficiently. We are also certain that you will save money with us. Our scaffolding is higher quality and costs much less than what you find at the large home improvement or hardware stores. USA Scaffolding frames and accessories undergo compression tests by engineers to ensure they are high quality and meet or exceed OSHA guidelines.

We have a helpful staff to assist you with any questions about the scaffolding we sell and we will make sure you get what you need.

Scaffolding Frames for Sale

Scaffolding for Sale | Buy scaffolding and accessories at USA Scaffolding

You can purchase our scaffold frames either individually or by the set. When you purchase by the set, each scaffolding set comes with two frame, two cross braces, four pins and clips. We build our frames to stringent specifications to match Safeway scaffolding frame styles, Waco scaffolding frame styles, and Bil-Jax scaffolding frame styles. We carry frames of all different dimensions and styles such as walk-tru frame and ladder frames. We carry scaffolding specifically designed for masons, stucco contractors, painters and drywall contractors.


Scaffolding Accessories for Sale

Scaffold caster wheels for sale at USA Scaffolding

Scaffolding frames must have certain accessories to make them safe and OSHA compliant. These accessories include, cross braces, wall ties, screw jacks or base plates, safety rails and more depending in the type of work you are performing. The right accessories can also make your job easier, such as side brackets to create a larger work platform.


Scaffold Boards for Sale

Scaffold Boards for Sale by USA Scaffolding. Home to all your scaffold needs.

Scaffold Boards

Scaffolding boards are necessary to create a safe work platform. These boards are must meet OSHA stringent load bearing and safety requirements. They must be high-grade lumber and meet OSHA’s deflection requirements. You can’t just go to the lumber yard and pick out boards and expect them to pass an OSHA inspection. We sell boards that have already been tested to ensure they are OSHA compliant.