3’X6’4″ S-Style Walk-Thru Frame Set


3’X6’4″ S-Style Walk-Thru Frame Set


3’X6’4″ S-Style Sets of Walk Thru Scaffolding

110.04 lbs


Stucco Scaffolding Frame Set

This frame set is designed as stucco scaffolding is our most popular among stucco and plaster contractors. This is a safeway style match frame that is light, easy to assemble, easy to transport. At 3′ wide, this scaffolding requires fewer planks and will fit in tight spaces. If going up past 12′, you will need to tie off to the wall. We also carry half-high frames that will fit this scaffolding.

Each Stucco Scaffolding Set Includes the Following Items: 

2 USA-411B8 Scaffolding Frames

2 USA-301 Cross Braces

4 USA-104 Coupling Pins

4 USA-113 Spring Clips

Scaffolding Specifications:

Width: 3′

Height: 6’4″

Frame Leg: 1-11/16″

Wall Thickness: 0.095″

Top Lock: 8-1/2″

Lock Type: Drop Lock

Drilled Hole: 45 degrees

Finish: Powder Coat Blue

Weight Per Set: 110.04 lbs

Frame Style: Safeway

Additional information

Weight 110.04 lbs


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