5’X6’4″ S-Style Double Ladder Frame Set


5’X6’4″ S-Style Double Ladder Frame Set


Frame Size: 5’X 6’4″

Weight: 117.10 lbs

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Safeway-Style Ladder Scaffolding Frame with two ladder rungs.

Each Set Includes the Following Items: 

2 USA-432B8 Scaffolding Frames

2 USA-303 Cross Braces

4 USA-104 Coupling Pins

4 USA-113 Spring Clips


Width: 5′

Height: 6’4″

Frame Leg: 1-11/16″

Wall Thickness: 0.095″

Top Lock: 8-1/2″

Lock Type: Drop Lock

Drilled Hole: 45 degrees

Finish: Powder Coat Blue

Weight Per Set: 122.68 lbs

Frame Style: Safeway

Additional information

Weight 117.10 lbs


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