5’X6’7″ W-Style Double Ladder Scaffold Set


5’X6’7″ W-Style Double Ladder Scaffold Set


Frame Dimensions: 5′ X 6’7″

Weight: 123.8

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5’X6’7″ Waco Style Double Ladder Scaffold Frame Set

Set of Waco style match Double Ladder Scaffolding Frames. The ladder portion of these frames provides multiple platform locations for working, materials or tools. It is also climbable making these frames an excellent choice for a scaffold tower or as end pieces to a masonry scaffolding platform.

Waco Scaffolding Frame Set Includes: 

2 USA-492A frames

2 USA-303 cross braces

2 USA-100 coupling pins

2 USA-113 spring clips


Width: 5′

Height: 6’7″

Weight: 45.56 lbs

Frame leg diameter: 1-5/8″

Wall thickness: 0.090″

Top lock: 7″

Lock type: candy cane

Drilled hole: 90 degrees

Finish: powder coat red

Additional information

Weight 123.80 lbs
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