Snap-On Apartment Frame


Snap-On Apartment Frame


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Snap-On Apartment Scaffolding Frame

Our snap-on apartment scaffolding frames measure 10’8″ tall and 3′ wide and have walk-thru functionality. These frames are very popular with stucco contractors in western states. Each frame requires two cross braces.

Snap-on style frames are different from other styles in that the locking mechanism for the cross brace is on the cross braces and not the frame. These frames require snap-on style cross braces that are not compatible with Safeway, Waco of Bio-Jax style scaffolding frames.

Snap-On Apartment Frame Set

Guardrails for Snap-On

Guardrail Posts for Snap-On

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Weight 51.91 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 36 × 128 in