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Access Ladder


Scaffolding Access Ladder Sections – 6′ and 3′ Size Options


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Scaffolding Ladder for Sale at USA Scaffolding

Our scaffold ladder comes in both 6′ and 3′ sections. These external ladders are a safer and more efficient method of accessing a scaffolding platform than climbing the frames. In certain situations, they are required by OSHA – in particular, these ladders are required when using walk, through masonry scaffolding frames, because there is no way to safely climb the scaffolding frame.

Each ladder section, whether 6′ or 3′ requires a ladder bracket. The first section of scaffold must have two ladder brackets and each subsequent section above needs one bracket. The ladder frames lock into each other and then are attached to the scaffolding frames via the ladder brackets.

Check our ladder brackets:

Bolt-On Bracket

Slide-On Bracket

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