Guard Rail P-Panel (Expandable)


Guard Rail P-Panel (Expandable)


Expandable “P” Panel Guard Rail for scaffolding platform.

11.80 lbs.


P-Panel – Scaffolding Guard Rail Fall Protection

Fall protection for scaffolding. Use our P-Panel scaffolding guardrails in conjunction with guardrails on the top of a scaffolding platform. The post acts as a guardrail post with drop pins to attach guardrails. The “P” portion acts and an end rail and is expandable from 21″ to 30.” Secure the expandable part of the panel using two thumb screws (included).

Use in conjunction with our guard rail posts and guard rails.

P-Panel Guard Rail Specifications

Material: steel

Height: 42″ (when pin is inserted into scaffolding), 48″ including pin length.

Width: 21″ – 30″

Pin diameter: 1-3/8″

Finish: powder coat yellow

Additional information

Weight 11.80 lbs


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