5’X6’6″ BJ-Style Walk Thru Frame


5’X6’6″ BJ-Style Walk Thru Frame


5’x6’6″ Walk Thru Frame that Matches Bil-Jax Style Scaffolding


Bil-Jax Scaffolding Style Match

These scaffolding frames match Bil-Jax scaffolding in that they have the same dimensions and are interchangeable. They are walk-thru style designed to create a long multi-level work platforms, allowing workers to pass through frames on the lower platforms. These frames will not match up with Safeway or Waco style frames as the pin sizes and pin holes are slightly different.

Walk-Thru Scaffolding Frame Specifications:

Demensions: 5′ X 6’6″

Frame Leg: 1.625″ (1 5/8″)

Wall Thickness: 0.09″

Lock Spacing: 27-3/4″

Lock Type: C-Lock

Drilled Hole: 90 Degrees

Finish: Powder Coat Yellow

Additional information

Weight 52.25 lbs