10′ 9″ Rolling Scaffold Tower


10′ 9″ Rolling Scaffold Tower


Our 10′ rolling scaffolding tower provides stable, mobile and easy to assemble, working platform with a high weight capacity. With this tower you get 35 sq. ft. of working space, mobility with four locking casters, a guardrail set for extra safety and frames that have ladder rungs for easy access.

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Rolling Scaffold Tower – 10’9″

This scaffold tower package has all the components you need to build a OSHA compliant scaffold platform 10’9″ high. Please note, this is the height your feet will be at. The guardrail components will be higher. This tower is made from 5’x5″ double ladder frames, which allow you to use the frames as a ladder to access the scaffolding platform. The 3 aluminum planks create a 5′ X 7′ solid work platform for you to stand and work on. These planks lock into the scaffolding frames for extra safety.

Rolling Scaffold Tower Components:

4 USA-481B-8 5′ X 5′ double ladder frames

4 USA-303 7′ X 4′ cross braces

4 USA-150 8″ locking casters

3 USA-1101 7′ aluminum planks

8 USA-104 coupling pins

8 USA-113 spring clips

12 USA-112 toggle pins

4 USA-530BF guardrail posts

4 USA-503 7′ guardrails

4 USA-502 5′ guardrails

Additional information

Weight 401.56 lbs