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Questions about the following?

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Once you place an order, we will contact you within 24 hours with a shipping quote. Shipping is dependent on how much you are order and how far we are shipping the scaffolding. In general, the larger the load, the more economical it is to ship scaffolding long distances, for instance, if you are ordering a full tractor-trailor load, the price of shipping is usually not a factor. We have shipped our scaffolding up to 3,000 milies away, including to customers in Canada.

Only if it is a very large rental. We primarily rent Non-Stop and FRACO scaffolding. Sometimes we will rent frame scaffolding in conjunction with one of these Non-Stop of FRACO rentals if the customer has a need for it. We will rent small amounts of frame scaffolding for short periods of time. Often, it is more economical to buy the frame scaffolding than to rent it.

Occasionally, we will acquire used scaffolding or sell off some of our rental inventory. We often sell it before we get a chance to advertise so be sure to ask if you’re in the market for it.

Yes. The amount of the discount depends on the quantity of the item you’re ordering and what you’re ordering. Some items, such as lumber, we have very little markup on, so we can only give a small break. We can provide a larger break on our scaffold frames.

We run sales all the time. Some sales are only available to existing customers or to people who sign up for our newsletter. If you want us to notify you when we put an item on sale, be sure to sign up for our newsletter as the sales usually don’t last long.

We do not offer refunds for anything other than a defective product. Because we test our products, we have never had any returned as defective.

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